The Dis/Appeared
2018 ∘ Documentary ∘ Video Essay [33:00]

A video essay that theorizes the imposition of colonial regimes of perception in Palestine.

La Orilla Infinita (The Infinite Shore)
2018 ∘ Documentary ∘ Photography, Lecture-Performance

A photo essay and performative lecture exploring the confluence of multiple histories on the Canary Islands.

Negative Monument
2018 ∘ Intervention, Speculation ∘ Poster

An open invitation to engage in the participatory yet imperceptible negation of a monument.

The Guantanamo Bay Museum
2012-Present (Ongoing) ∘ Speculation ∘ Website, Installation, Performance

A speculative museum that memorializes and replaces the Guantanamo Bay prison facilities.

Antisocial Media
2017 ∘ Text

A remix / plagiarism / cut-up of Guy Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle” that explores network politics.

10 Preliminary Theses on Resistance
2017 ∘ Text

A set of theses exploring possible means of resistance following the election of Donald Trump.

10 Preliminary Theses on Trump
2017 ∘ Text

A set of theses that theorize the consequences of Donald Trump’s election.

Conditions of Possibility
2016 ∘ Documentary ∘ Website, Installation, Photography, Video, Encryption, Code, Text

A documentary that reflects on the role of memory in the Egyptian Revolution and subsequent military coup.

Texts in Mourning and Action
2014 ∘ Intervention ∘ Networked Performance, Code

An act of Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) that targeted the Mexican government’s website.

A Future Memorial for NAFTA
2014 ∘ Speculation ∘ Public Sculpture, Intervention

A public sculpture installed at the San Diego / Tijuana border fence on the occasion of NAFTA’s 20th Anniversary.

Bird Migration Authority
2013 ∘ Speculation ∘ Website, Installation

A speculative agency that polices bird migration in the European Union.

Drone Crash Incident
2012 ∘ Intervention ∘ Simulation, Performance

A disturbance organized at UC San Diego that involved the staging of a drone crash on campus.

Do Not Kill Registry
2012 ∘ Speculation ∘ Website

A registry that invites the public to sign up to avoid being targeted by military drones.

Border Haunt
2011 ∘ Intervention ∘ Networked Performance, Code

An act of Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) that targeted the U.S. border surveillance apparatus.