Ian Alan Paul (b. 1984) is a transdisciplinary artist and theorist whose work examines instantiations of power and practices of resistance in global contexts. His projects are formally diverse, often making use of writing, photography, video, and code, and are informed by critical theory and continental philosophy. Presently, he is exploring destituent power and the politics of refusal in a series of experimental documentaries and is coediting an anthology of essays and artworks that explores the consolidation the so-called European Migrant “Crisis” as an object of political contention, affective investment, and legal and legislative maneuver.

Over the course of his life, Ian has lived, taught, and worked for extended periods in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Egypt, and Palestine. He received a PhD in Film and Digital Media Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2016 as well as a hybrid MFA/MA from SFAI in 2011. Ian is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and is Assistant Professor of Emerging Media in the Department of Art at Stony Brook University. He has exhibited, given lectures and workshops, and been published internationally.

All press, gallery, museum, and other inquiries should be sent via the contact form found here.

Interests: Control Societies, Infrastructural Politics, Contemporary Anarchist and Communist Thought, Surveillance, Memory and Memorialization, Destituent Power, Encryption, Institutional Critique, Climate Politics, and Transnational Cultures.