Climate, Capitalism, Control ◦ Video Essay ◦ 2019
// a video essay that diagrams planetary-scale computation, commodification, and climate change

The Dis/Appeared ◦ Video Essay ◦ 2018
// a video essay that theorizes colonial regimes of perception in Palestine

La Orilla Infinita ◦ Photo Essay ◦ 2018
// a photo essay that explores three histories on the Canary Islands

Negative Monument ◦ Poster ◦ 2018
// an open invitation to engage in the participatory negation of a monument

Conditions of Possibility ◦ Online Documentary ◦ 2016
// an online documentary that theorizes the post-revolution/post-coup period in Egypt

The Guantanamo Bay Museum ◦ Website / Speculative Fiction ◦ 2012-? (Ongoing)
// a critical fiction exploring the legacies of the Guantanamo Bay detention facilities

Texts in Mourning And Action ◦ Electronic Civil Disobedience ◦ 2014
// a networked intervention organized in solidarity with the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico

A Future Memorial for NAFTA ◦ Public Installation ◦ 2014
// an installation at the Mexico-US Border to mark the 20th anniversary of NAFTA

Bird Migration Authority ◦ Website / Speculative Fiction ◦ 2013
// a critical fiction exploring the aesthetic, ethical, and political policing of migration in the EU

Drone Crash Incident ◦ Performance ◦ 2012
// a drone crash simulated on the campus of UC San Diego

Border Haunt ◦ Electronic Civil Disobedience ◦ 2011
// a collective disruption of the networked policing of the Mexico-US Border